Who We Are

The strength of our investments is matched only by the strength of our customer service, a combination that keeps our clients with us year after year.

About Vinings Bank

Vinings Bank is a small institution with a big array of services, delivered with a personal approach that makes us unique and has built our loyal customer base. Banking is largely, though not exclusively, about financial performance and ours is impressive. Data on our financial performance is always available, certifying that we offer a secure environment in which your money will thrive. Most of our employees have 20+ years of banking experience and can handle any type of transaction or banking service you will ever need.

What Makes Us Different

Vinings Bank brings its own style of banking to the industry, one that focuses on customers and community. It’s a traditional way of creating personal relationships, with local ownership and local decision-making, while using the latest technology available.

Whether you’re an individual or a small-to medium-sized business, we realize that one size does not fit all when it comes to banking. That’s why we work with you to discover your unique goals and recommend custom banking solutions that best meet them.

At Vinings Bank, our strength is and always has been our attention to long-term client relationships. That means we recognize you when you come in the door, give you the personal attention needed for all of your banking needs, and take pride in delivering the most customized service possible.

As banking customers ourselves, Vinings Bank’s managers and team members have all experienced the frustrations found with some financial institutions—high fees, arbitrary policy changes and impersonal service. We take pride in the fact that our bank is different, and you’ll experience that loyalty and integrity in our positive attitude, every time you call or walk in.

Only at Vinings Bank

The strength of our investments is matched only by the strength of our customer service, a combination that keeps our clients with us year after year. Our solution-based and thoughtful approach to each customer’s needs means unrivaled support and a true financial partnership.

At Vinings Bank, all loan decisions are made locally and, because there aren’t any out-of-town middlemen to go through for approval, you will know quickly if your loan is approved.

We know that speaking to a person who can actually help you is the most important part of customer service, especially where money is concerned. When you call us, you won’t be routed to another state, country or endless series of recordings. If we don’t have a representative immediately available, one will call you back quickly; we won’t waste your time by putting you on hold. And if there is ever an issue on our end, we will reach out to you personally and not surprise you with something as impersonal as a form letter.

Banking when, where and how you want is important to us because it’s important to you. Using the latest banking technology, you can access all of your Vinings Bank accounts online. And you never have to worry about searching for a Vinings Bank ATM to avoid expensive ATM fees. Our customers can visit any ATM locally or around the globe with no fees. Yes, you read that correctly. No ATM fees from us or any other bank’s ATM that you use. We are happy to cover these fees as a customer courtesy to you. So, you can choose the ATM that’s convenient without the headache of extra charges.

Cobb County is a great place to live and work and our team finds many ways to celebrate our unique atmosphere—a hometown bank right here in Smyrna. Vinings Bank is made up of your friends and neighbors, so we gear our service to the community we love so well.

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